Occupational therapy helps you regain the skills you need to perform the meaningful activities of daily life: self-care, leisure, recreation, and work functions.

Fairmont Care therapists focus on the big picture: your abilities, the tasks to be performed, and where you will perform them. With gentle guidance and encouragement, you will learn how to improve strength, coordination, and concentration while building effective coping strategies.

Our occupational therapists can help increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities through a variety of ways. Whether it’s getting around on crutches, engaging in regular activities with one arm while the other is healing, or implementing physical changes to your home, workplace, or more, you’ll learn to transition more smoothly back into your day-to-day life.

After mastering the skills and strategies you’ll need when your stay with us is over, your occupational therapist will measure changes in your performance and level of satisfaction with your progress. You will go home with a clear plan of how to achieve your next goals successfully.