Forget what you think about short-term rehabilitation centers. Fairmont Care breaks all boundaries to elevate, excel, and enhance your experience.


Rehabilitation at Fairmont Care is far from what you might expect from a short-term rehabilitation facility. We redefine outstanding care by instilling clinical excellence in the most gracious, restorative settings.

Nothing is spared in our mission to combine the finest care and utmost comfort in our modern facility. Nestled securely away from the busy street, Fairmont Care greets patients with serenity from the start. From your first glimpse of the welcoming lobby to a stroll down our open and airy hallways, it’s apparent from the beginning that our facility is in a class all by itself.


What Fairmont Care is not: your grandmother’s nursing home.
What Fairmont Care is: a facility specifically designed for recovery, serenity, and community.

Warm finishes compliment Fairmont Care’s expansive and inviting facility in soothing earth tones, oversized windows, original Chicago-themed handpicked art, polished hardwood flooring, and ample seating space for entire families to visit.

Our sense of community is second-to-none, and are facility is reflective of that. We have a variety of relaxing and cheerful gathering areas, private patios, and lovingly landscaped gardens that are often a-flutter with colorful butterflies during the warm months. It’s our goal to enhance your experience with as many positive attributes as possible.


As you might expect, a facility that spends this much time on the small details is bound to shine when it comes to focusing on what’s most important: returning you or your loved one to your everyday life.

Our credentialed, compassionate, and integrated therapy team provides skilled and expert care centered around each patient’s unique needs. Through an individually-tailored combination of therapies, treatments, and modern and specialized equipment, we identify your goals, monitor your progress, and provide the resources you need to return to optimal functional level.

Nine out of ten individuals or families that tour Fairmont Care choose Fairmont, especially those who have visited other Chicago area facilities. Schedule a tour to see why!

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