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    Transition to Home

    Home Adaptation and Transition Services Beginning with home safety and livability assessments, the Fairmont Care team evaluates your home’s “fitness” for continuing therapy gains. We look at your lifestyle and make recommendations for any neededRead More +

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    Transitional Rehabilitation

    The intensive, consistent schedule promotes a speedy recovery; reducing the time it takes patients to return to the home. The typical transition period ranges from one to six weeks. For patients requiring a longer stay,Read More +


Physical therapists with patient in wheelchair (60s) and wife (50s).

How to Select a Rehabilitation Facility

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After a hospitalization, your doctor may recommend a stay at a subacute rehabilitation facility. Usually subacute rehabilitation refers to programs developed to provide inpatient rehabilitation to patients following their hospital stays.  programs are designed for individuals who are discharged from the hospital but are not yet ready to return home. A