Trudy J.

❝Fairmont Care has restored my faith in humanity. Fairmont Care gives people what they really need when they really need it. It helps people who are otherwise helpless. I don’t know where I’d be without Fairmont. My only complaint about Fairmont Care is that they don’t have more Fairmonts all over Chicago. When I get back in my community, I’m gonna tell them, ‘Build one, please.❞

Jane Y.

❝Even James who does the floor always asks how my Mom is doing. That’s not his job, but he cares. It’s almost like an extended family, to a point. We all look out for each other.❞

Iris K.

❝Fairmont has good care. The nurses care about their patients and do good work. The place is clean and there are no odors. My room is very pleasant. The activities offered at Fairmont Care are individualized to every patient’s interests.❞

Lawrence O.

❝Fairmont Care has good nursing care. The nurses are good with answering their nurses’ call lights. I choose to stay at Fairmont Care because here, I have freedom of movement. There is no smell. Fairmont has books to read, TV rooms, movies, and good wound care.❞

Guenther S.

❝I feel very great about Fairmont Care. They help people and they are generous. My wife and son and I have all stayed at Fairmont. My wife and I live here, and we feel that Fairmont Care is a good place for old people to have a home. My son stayed at Fairmont Care for a short time for wound care, and the nurses healed his wounds.❞

Janet N.

❝Fairmont Care Family, It’s wonderful knowing people as kind and considerate as you are. Thank you for all you’ve done. Thank you also for your several years of kind and healthful service to Mary over her last years at Fairmont. Mary loved animals – birds in particular. We used to say, ‘We’ll meet all of our pets and other animals at the Rainbow Bridge.’ Mary is there now, asking God to bless each of you for your thousands of kindnesses.❞

Heather D.

❝I’m in and out a lot; nobody knows that I’m coming. That’s how I know that they run a great operation. It’s not like, ‘Oh, it’s visiting hours, let’s make everything look presentable.’ If I won’t be able to make it in for a few days, I’ll ask some of the staff to check up on Mom. Even if they’re not her nurses for that week, they’ll make a point to go in there and check on her every day. That’s an incredible level of comfort.❞

Fred M.

❝Fairmont Care was a miracle for us by providing an outstanding level of care and comfort when Paul needed it most.❞

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